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About us

About us.

Back to the distant student’s 1960-s, the small team in both Lviv and Voronezh Forestry Institute began to work on creating the new technologies of extraction of plant raw material. All extracting equipment which already existed was carefully studied; the literature containing information about plants and their application in medicine was collected and also analyzed. In 2002 the conditions of the new time allowed this student dream to come true and incarnated it into a successful productive enterprise.

Scientific and Production Limited Liability Company “Zhitomirbioproduct”

occupies a tiny strip of land along the Lesnaya street in Dovzik village closely to an old oak-pine forest near the town of Zhitomir. The final bus stop is about one kilometer far - if you go straight ahead. Pines, oaks, birch trees, small forest lakes and juicy grass all covered with bilberry fields are creating the unique and unforgettable beauty of the place, were the company is located. It is especially beautiful here in spring when Anemone nemorosa is blooming and the ground is covered with a carpet of these white flowers. Even time goes by slower than usually hear, giving our collective a chance to understand the nature deeply; to use it’s generous gifts to create and produce bioproducts which people need so much. Each worker is fulfilled with a strong confidence, creativity, accuracy and responsibility. This atmosphere was noticed by our guests, so they often say:”It’s so easy to breathe here!”, “You’ve given us a lot of new information”, “and “I’m in a very creative mood after communicating with you”. It is so pleasant for us to hear these good words and warm reviews.

Our Principles:

1. The usage of the ecologically clean raw materials.
Our team had faced particular difficulties while solving this problem. Only after several years of intense work we have been able to find and establish strong connection on growing of ecologically clean raw materials on farms of Kirovograd, Vinnitsa and Ternopil regions. The fields that were chosen didn’t have even a slightest touch of chemical fertilizers, pesticides for many decades and they have been thoroughly tested on the chemical composition of soils, including the presence of pollutants.

2. and testing the seeds for the maintenance of the required components.

3. The usage of plant material for the manufacture of products not containing preservatives, dyes or any synthetic supplements.

4. The technology of low-temperature processing is preserving everything naturally inherent in the plants.
The fundamentals of technological processes, relevant to low-temperature requirements, were taken from the works of scientists of Kharkov Physical-Technical Institute, Ukrainian Institute of Human Ecology. Our construction and technological expertise which is not small was also embodied. We have built the technological process of recycling a plant material so that the temperature at all conversions does not exceed +40° C.

This allowed keeping everything pledged in the plants in the original form in our products. Including: the aminoacids, and polyunsaturated (essential) fatty acids, vitamins, flavolignans, and flavonoids, both macro- and microelements, and other biologically active substances in the unmodified natural compounds and ratios that are so important and necessary to a human today.

Our people

The collective was created in 2002. Although, to be fair, if you look at the depth of the process, it should be noted, that its creation continues even today. People come and go, for various reasons, sometimes it does not work for them, and others try to explore, learn and understand. Only a small creative team is always highly professional: daily, every hour, every minute working on the most complicated challenges of rational nutrition for prevention and relief percolation of various diseases. Agree, it is not always easy to answer the following question competently: "What can I eat with my illness?" Our team is collaborating with scientists from leading institutes of the country, compares the ideas and together we find a rational core. A complex research and production work was carried by employees of the company together with scientists from the Institute of Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases named L.V. Gromashevskiy, Institute for Hygiene and Medical Ecology of A.N. Marzeev, employees of regional and district Sanitary and Epidemiological, to provide the required microbiological cleanness and protection from factors that reduce the effect of biologically active substances. Our collective believes that it is necessary to keep pace with the times. This year we celebrated 8 years. During this period we went through all the stages of formation and development. Activity of the company is focused on the production of high quality, environmentally friendly and competitive products. We use only modern technology and scientific developments including the latest developments in the low-temperature processing of plant raw materials. Today the company is working reliably and purposefully moves forward to its dream – to achieve the perfect quality, an individual style of work and to take leading positions in the industry.

Житомирский район, с.Довжик, ул. Лесная, 10а

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