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Oat seeds meal, 300 g

Oat seeds meal, 300 g
does not contain genetically modified organisms  clean product  

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Product info: food product for special dietary use
Product form: powder
Sales: pharmacies, special sections of stores
Meal description: Oats seeds meal is a supplementary food product, received in the process of low-temperature extraction of oil to ecologically clean agricultural raw product – oats seeds. This meal effectively excretes radionuclides to the organism. Also it is useful during the woman pregnancy. It is a well-known immunomodulator. The meal is effective during the processes of purification of the human body to toxins, wastes and parasites. Forms of production: powder. Method of production: low-temperature extraction. Chemical composition (useful constituents) includes: - Proteins; - Fattys; - Fibers; - Carbohydrates; - Cellulose; - Macroelements (K, Ca); - Microelements in helate forms (especially – Mg and Fe); - Water-soluble vitamins; Possible medical benefits: this product can be included into the complex treatment for: - low immunity, frequent colds; - chronic dermatitis, eczema, exfoliative skin; - increased thyroid gland function; - lymphadenitis; - inflammation of respiratory passages, including pneumonias, bronchitis, whooping cough; - hypertensions, coronary heart disease; - chronic fattyigue syndrome, insomnia, neurasthenia; - muscle atrophy; - anaemia; - sugar diabetes; - hepatites, cholecystitises, etc.; - inflammations of the gastro-enteric tract, including: stomach and duodenal gut ulcers (exclusive of acute phase), colitis, gastritis, etc.; - hemorrhoid, constipation; - arthrosis, arthritis; - kidney stone disease and other diseases of urinogenital system; - food poisonings and poisonings with toxic substances, including lead; - in cosmetology – for treatment of hair diseases, loss of hair, dermatitis (including atopic dermatitis of children) Counter-indications: individual idiosyncrasy.

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