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The company has implemented ISO 9001:2009, ISO 22000:2007 (HACCP)


Measuring factory laboratory

The company has implemented an integrated management system by quality and safety of food products ISO 9001:2009. Certificate UA 2.024.08677-14 from 27.10.2014; ISO 22000:2007 (HACCP). Certificate 2.024. 004-15 from 17.04.2015.

The Laboratory monitors the production indicators stipulated by the normative-technical documentation of the enterprise and the maximum permissible concentrations of the normalizing substances pollutants, as well as examines the samples of products for the content of macro and microelements, alkaloids and other biologically active substances, performing the following works:

  • input quality control of raw materials;
  • post-operative control of all technological processes;
  • quality control of products manufactured by safety indicators;
  • study of new products for the content of biologically active substances, macro and trace elements, fatty acids;
  • experiments relating to the production of new products and the development of a number of new research products;
  • preparation of active substances and products for clinical research and more …