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Low-temperature extract from dill

Release form: extract

Where to buy: pharmacies, special sections of stores

Composition: essential oil – 54,4%; its main components are anetol (up to 60%), fenchone, pinene, camphene, metilhalphicol, phellandrene and others terpens; fixed oil – 45,5%.

does not contain genetically modified organisms environmentally friendly product

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Properties and application: it has antiseptic, analgesic, desinfective, spasmolytic, effects. Mixture to dill “anetin” is used at spasm of smooth muscle and coronary vessels. Dill mixtures are effective at hypertonia, cardial disorders, especially with atherosclerosis. It decreases permeability of blood vessel walls, arrhythmia; normalizes metabolism; improves appetite and digestion.
Conclusion of State Sanitary-Epidemiologic Expertise
№ 05.03.02-04/15480 to 18.03.2008
Produced according to TU U 15.8-32062796-002:2008

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