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Pumpkin seeds meal, 300g

Product Description: food product for special medical purposes

Release form: powder

Where to buy: pharmacies, special sections of stores

Expiration date: 1 year to the producing date

does not contain genetically modified organisms environmentally friendly product

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Meal description: Pumpkin seeds meal is a supplementary food product, received in the process of low-temperature extraction of oil to ecologically clean agricultural raw product – pumpkin seeds.

Forms of production: powder.

Method of production: low-temperature extraction.

Chemical composition (useful constituents) includes: • Proteins; • Fattys; • Fibers; • Carbohydrates; • Cellulose; • Macroelements; • Microelements; • Water-soluble vitamins.

Possible medical benefits: this product can be included into the complex treatment for: • absorbtion and removing to the body toxic substances, heavy metals salts, radionuclides; • stimulates intestinal motility, resolves constipations; • decreases the level of cholesterol and lipids in blood through banding bilious acids; • effective anthelminth; • due to its good ability to hold liquid, it forms a volumetric food bundle, that hinders biliary engorgement; • creation of conditions for development of microflora.

Counter-indications: individual idiosyncrasy.


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