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Fructose (in cardboard packing), 500g

Product Description: food product for special medical purposes

Release form: powder

Where to buy: pharmacies, special sections of stores

Composition: fructose (powder)

Recommended: Fructose is a source of carbohydrates for the diet of peoples with metabolic disorders of carbohydrates.

Application Warnings: dont recommended use at individual idiosyncrasy of product components. It is recommended to consult with the doctor before use.

Expiration date: 1 year to the producing date

does not contain genetically modified organisms environmentally friendly product

Free hotline: 0 (800) 500-399, doctor's recommendations

Orders are accepted by phones: (0412) 401-422, (068) 28-50-248

Instruction for use: adults – up to 3 soup spoons per day; or the same quantity can be added to another meal or drinking.

Nutritional value, g/100g: fats – 0; proteins – 0; carbohydrates – 100.

Energy value (caloric content), kcal/100g: 400.


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