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Product Description: food product

Release form: salad oil

Where to buy: pharmacies, special sections of stores

Expiration date: 1 year to the producing date

does not contain genetically modified organisms environmentally friendly product

Free hotline: 0 (800) 500-399, doctor's recommendations

Orders are accepted by phones: (0412) 401-422, (068) 28-50-248

Salad oil «Favorite with pepper» is produced to flax seed oil and pumpkin seed oil and is rich by polyunsatturated fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6), vitamins E and A, bioflavonoids which act favorably on prostate gland (inhibit its cell proliferation); normalizes work of liver and stomach; promote to decrease of cholesterine level; improve work of cardio-vascular system; protect to stress; increase working capacity. Oil was produced by low-temperature technology, to ecologically clean, geneticaly not modified raw, with addition of kitchen herbs and spices. Addition of mustard seeds, red capsicum, fragrant pepper, cloves, green parsley, bay leaf creates unique flavor composition which also has health benefits. It has nice color, delicious taste, and especially harmonizes with vegetables, seafood and fish.
Conclusion of State Sanitary-Epidemiologic Expertise № 05.03.02-04/60589 to 19.09.2008
Produced according to TU U 15.8-32062796-004:2006

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